Initial Observation:

Guy Ritchie…what a fun director to focus on for a film festival! Fast-paced non-stop entertainment paired with clever intertwined plots and dynamic characters. Blockbuster movies, appealing to a large audience with puzzle-like scenes. A great platform to create a comprehensive film festival identity.

Final Destination:
Finding my way through the visual inspiration of Ritchie’s movies (after appropriately pirating them just as one of Ritchie’s characters would have), required constant watching of the five films I featured in the festival: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver, RocknRolla, and Sherlock Holmes. I became one of his characters: prisoner to my sketchbook, failed attempts to smoke, ragged and dirty clothing, sleepless nights, certainly excessive cussing, and an increase in blood, sweat and tears. If only I had pigs to help devour the evidence.

Through a fast and furious semester, I created a breadth of work for the festival that included the festival identity, program, schedule of events, process book, posters, DVD packaging, event passes, a stationery set, tickets, employee uniforms, packaging swag, and a mobile app. Each element worked as a unique and differentiated design piece within an overarching and comprehensive visual system.