Initial Observation:
The Last Great Race…such resolve, athleticism, and ability wrapped into the northern sport of dog mushing. Too bad the Iditarod brand is outdated and lacks appeal…crying out for a brand refresh. It’s hard not to get tangled in the multi-faceted aspects: dog training, Alaska, breeding, feeding, history, Balto, adventure, risk, pain, conflict, competition…

Final Destination:
The Iditarod brand refresh started with a thorough assessment of the race and history of dog mushing. Luckily, I had the experience of being a musher (what those of us who run the dog team call ourselves) for over 8 years, so I knew about the sport intimately from first-hand experience. After you feed 100 dogs and scoop their poop daily for that amount of time, you initiate yourself into a small and rugged group of Northern bad-ass athletes (yes, you can self proclaim this after living solo in a plumbing-less cabin in Northern Alaska and enduring temperatures of 40 below). I had been preparing for this project since I was four years old, when I received the book “Balto.” It was love at first sight, and set me on the journey of seeking Alaska and the sport of dog mushing.