Initial Observation:
Seventy-three percent of college students experience sleep problems causing major health complications and reduced learning. These sleep irregularities are a contributing factor to American college students ranking well below their peers in other countries. Something must be done!

Final Destination:
Shuteye: Optimized Sleep Strategies for College Student. This was my solution to the wide-spread and escalating problem of poor sleep habits and declining health and ability in undergraduate students. Through over a year’s worth of research, testing, and designing, I created a system in which to reach the undergraduate college student with effective communications and support to better their sleep lives. This goes much beyond simply sleeping more, and instead helps students understand their unique sleep profiles and how to develop a routine (yes! Even while living a busy schedule and academic life) to support them for years to come and into an effective adult work life. I tested my materials at a live student event at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where sleep is even more effected by the light dynamics of northern life. Through the promotion and design of the event and my cohesive Shuteye materials, I was able to not only accomplish my MFA thesis, but help real-world students better understand their sleep lives. My project received public media attention by the Huffington Post and NPR.